The Bar Reef Resort Kalpitiya

The Bar Reef Beach Resort Kalpitiya is simply, a very informal beach destination that offers the friendly hospitality of it's village staff rather than the regimented hotel type service. And what it may lack in amenities (there's no hot water for example), it makes up for with it's rustic charm and whimsical design of it's structures which encourage guests to meet and mingle in an unpretentious communal atmosphere.

Path to Pool in Bar Reef Resort Kalpitiya


Situated on a 2 km stretch of beach on the Kalpitiya coast of Sri Lanka, the Bar Reef Beach Resort offers a truly relaxing getaway for the traveller. It's most famous for it's dolphin, whale watching and truly spectacular snorkelling on the Bar Reef shelf. The azure, warm ocean is always mirror calm and welcoming during the months of October through May.

Food and Dining at Bar reef Resort Kalpitiya


Our new menu while not extensive is quite intriguing and will keep most guests quite sumptuously satisfied. A vivid selection of dishes from starters, soups, main courses and local and international buffets. Bar Reef Resort Kalpitiya also offers tantalizing Barbecue nights with a wide array of fresh seafood, chicken, beef. sausages and vegetables. There's nothing like a down home barbecue, Sri Lankan style of course to satisfy the soul.

Evenings at Bar Reef Resorts Kalpitiya