Bar Reef Resort Kalpitiya

Travelling down the scenic coastal stretch towards Alankuda Kalpitiya; on a two hour journey from the airport, you will find yourself in a quaint little seaside village, where peace and quiet is inevitable. At the heart of this village, upon the golden coast lies The Bar Reef Resort, Kalpitiya. This eco-friendly resort sits on one of the most scenic locations in Kalpitiya, where the gentle sound of birdsong, the golden sunsets and the azure blues of the ocean will set your mind at ease and enfold you in a feeling of blissful relaxation.

Leave your cares behind as you bask in the gentle rays of sunlight from our cozy lounge chairs by our 40m infinity pool, or catch up on some reading while you snuggle into a chair at our beach club, with a soothing drink in hand, and let the calm of the nature that surrounds you create for you that perfect getaway.

Our well trained village staff are always ready and willing to oblige to all your requirements, thereby ensuring that you feel at home as you enjoy your vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The cozy atmosphere at Bar Reef Resort makes for a wonderful place to meet new people and swap stories, and discover the wonders of the paradise island.

Path to Pool in Bar Reef Resort Kalpitiya

Invigorating Waters

Open your senses and relax


A 40m infinity pool set in close proximity to the ocean is the epitome of relaxation. Feel yourself unwind as you float about the invigorating waters, enjoying the breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, its gentle waves lapping the golden shore in a slow dance as the rays of sun reflect on the waters create a magical atmosphere. In the evenings you can lounge about on our sunbathing beds and enjoy the gentle breeze as you watch those breathtaking sunsets. An evening dip is almost irresistible when you see the pool light up with the thousands of fiber optic lights, seeming almost like a sky full of stars.

Food and Dining at Bar reef Resort Kalpitiya

Culinary Heaven


The Ambalama is the perfect combination of rustic and village style, offering guests a true experience of Sri Lankan culture. The cozy settings create a feeling of community as you meet new people and engage with one another whilst you enjoy the gastronomic flavours of our carefully prepared dishes. A vivid selection of dishes from starters, soups, main courses, local & international buffets and of course our pool side Barbecue's will keep even the most avid culinary adventurers entertained.

Evenings at Bar Reef Resorts Kalpitiya

Romantic Evenings

Beach Club

The Beach Club is a cozy little restaurant cum juice bar, where guests can sit back, relax and sip on our delicious juices or enjoy sunset cocktails. The beach club comes alive in the evenings as the warm lights set the ambiance for a relaxing night out by the ocean, where the gentle breeze and the aroma of the culinary preparations leave you feeling perfectly at ease. The rustic and bohemian blend in the design and architecture of the Beach Club creates a romantic and inviting atmosphere in which to relax and unwind.