Learning to kite surf in Sri Lanka by Jordan & Jenna

Friday, August 26th, 2016 | Blog

After an exciting few days at the Cinnamon Travel Blog Conference & Awards in Colombo, Sri Lanka (where we won Best Travel Video Blog!) we decided to head up the West Coast to Kalpitiya for some R&R and a little kitesurfing.

Kalpitiya is known as a kitesurfing paradise. It is hailed as one of the best places in the world to kite surf as it delivers consistent 20-26 knot wind speeds daily (May – October). It offers diverse conditions for all skill levels. One side of the peninsula is the Indian Ocean, perfect for free-ride and wave riding. While the other side is the Kalpitiya Lagoon – a perfect spot for beginners and freestylers. Neither one of us had tried kite surfing before, but it has been on our list for some time. I used to see tonnes of kite surfers in Lyall Bay. Whenever there was a strong Southerly and always thought it would be a sport. I’d enjoy with the combination of surfing and paragliding.

When we found ourselves in one of the best kite surf locations in the world. We jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. Our instructor Yan, who manages the kitesurfing school from the Bar Reef resort. Loaded up the van with the gear and drove us 30mins north to the Kalpitiya Lagoon. As we drove along the water towards our little beach shelter, I couldn’t believe how many kites were already cruising on the lagoon at 10am!. I must have counted 50 whizzing back and forth and up and down the lagoon! And the wind – wow! I thought Wellington was windy but this wind was relentless!.

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